Get Started with Your vívosmart HR+


Get the App

On your smartphone, download and install the latest version of the Garmin Connect Mobile™ app.

Sign in to your existing account or create a new account, then follow the instructions in the Garmin Connect Mobile app to add your vívosmart® HR+.


Power On

Press and hold the button for 1 second to turn on your vívosmart HR+. Follow the instructions on the screen to pair it with your smartphone. You will select your language and then choose “Yes" when it asks "Pair Mobile Device?"


Plug In

Connect the charging cable to your device and plug it into your computer’s USB port. Your vívosmart® HR+ will power on and display some questions on the screen.

  • Select your language.
  • Answer “No” when it asks “Pair Mobile Device?”
  • Answer the user information questions.


Download and Install

Make sure your computer meets the Garmin ExpressTM system requirements.

On your computer, download the latest version of Garmin ExpressTM. When the download is finished, click the file to install Garmin Express on your computer.

Your system does not support Garmin Express.

Garmin Express requires Windows or Mac.

To download Garmin Express, please use your browser on the desktop.

The tablet or mobile device you're using does not support Garmin Express. Please use a different computer.

Download Legacy Version

Garmin Express is not compatible with your operating system.

You must upgrade your operating system to use Garmin Express. Upgrade your OS

Garmin Express has been redesigned to give you a better experience. Upgrade your OS to get the latest version, or use the legacy version of Garmin Express.

You must upgrade your operating system to use Garmin Express. Upgrade your OS

System Requirements


Add Device

Open Garmin Express. Select to add a device and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I reset my device?

If the vívosmart® HR+ stops responding, you may need to reset it. This does not erase any of your data or settings.

Hold the button for 10 seconds, and the device will turn off. Let go. Turn the device on again by holding the button for 1 second.

How can I erase all my settings?

Restoring the device back to the factory default settings will erase all your information and activity history.

  1. Press the button to view the menu.
  2. Select  > Restore Defaults .

How can I update my device software using the Garmin Connect MobileTM app?

To update your device software, your vívosmart HR+ needs to be set up and paired with Garmin Connect Mobile.

  1. Be sure the latest version of Garmin Connect Mobile is installed on your smartphone and your vívosmart HR+ is paired with the app.
  2. With your device nearby (about 10 ft.), open Garmin Connect Mobile. If an update is available for your device, it will automatically install when your device syncs.

Why can’t I find the Garmin Connect Mobile app on my iPad in the App Store?

Garmin Connect Mobile works on your tablet, but it is listed as an iPhone app. Adjust the filter in the App Store to show iPhone apps and you will find Garmin Connect Mobile.

What if I am already using Garmin Connect Mobile and want to add my vívosmart HR+?

If you have already paired another device with the Garmin Connect Mobile app, add your device by following the steps below.

iOS: On the tab bar at the bottom of the screen, select   > Garmin Devices > and follow the on-screen instructions.

Android & Windows Phone: At the top of the screen, select   > Garmin Devices > and follow the on-screen instructions.