Detailed Maps
Maps in multiple areas
You can view maps of your activities on almost every page of analysis. From the Dashboard to the Player, you'll be able to view your activity's data and route.
See your route
See exactly where you went on your ride, run, hike, etc. Updated maps from Bing Maps make analyzing your activities, and finding other's activities, an interesting and interactive endeavor.
Take any of your GPS activities and save the map information as a course, or plan and create a course from scratch. You can associate past and future activities with the course to make it easier to find and compare all your runs or rides on that same route. And you can modify the path of your saved courses and set a pace or speed target.
For devices that support mapping or Virtual Partner™, upload your course to your device to assist you in your workout. Finally, you can share your course in the same way activities can be shared, and you can browse for other users' courses in the Explore tab. This feature can be especially handy when you want to plan a workout in an unfamiliar place.


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