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Going for the burn (fat burning, that is)
Tue, 4 Jan 2011 7:27 Central Time (US & Canada) By SteveCMitchell
Activity Type: Running | Event Type: Fitness | Course: --
Experimented with zone training on commute into Garmin today. Ran the first four miles by time, jogging at a 12:00 pace to keep HR down. After mile four changed to the HR display and ran a slow as it took to keep heart rate at 160. Zone 2 max is 148. That is obviously not achievable while running. Tonight I'll experiment with my new bike cadence sensor on my indoor trainer. Tomorrow I'll experiment with my new foot pod on my treadmill.
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Going for the burn (fat burning, that is) by SteveCMitchell at Garmin Connect - Splits

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