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Wirelessly send data from a supported Tanita Composition Monitor to Garmin Connect.
The Tanita Composition Monitor features no display, as readings are automatically transmitted to remote displays such as the Garmin FR60 or Forerunner 310XT fitness watch, a personal computer, or Tanita's tabletop remote display for easy viewing in various locations. This dynamic feature-the first of its kind-will allow for personal identification and data recording and is perfect for anyone who wants to track their health and fitness levels, making a Tanita the ultimate choice for monitoring your health.
There is no easier way to track your weight over time.
When using the Garmin Forerunner 910XT, Forerunner 610, Forerunner 210, Forerunner 310XT, FR60 or Edge 800, the readings of weight, body fat and body water are received wirelessly from the scale and displayed on the device, and all nine readings are stored in the device. This health information then may be uploaded to Garmin Connect in the same manner as Activities.
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